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Weekend Special

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Starting Friday, September 23, 2022:

It's a FREE Eye Shadow Weekend!

Our eye shadows are AMAZING! They are bursting with brilliant colors and beautiful shimmers! These shades have exceptional staying power and will last day and night!

Here's how it works:

Add $15 of your favorite makeup and/or skincare to your cart. Then add the free eye shadow or eye liner you want, then enter coupon code FREESHADOW at checkout. The price of the eye shadow/liner will be taken off the order.

The hardest part is choosing which shade to get!

Eye Shadow and Eye Liner Reviews

Great product (Eye Shadow Kit) 
Posted by Sherri 
This is my first time trying the eyeshadow. I have used some of my other mineral makeup for eyeshadow. I wanted to try some other colors and so far they are working great. I mixed a couple of what I have and made a new color as well. 

Natural or bold eyes (Eye Shadow Kit) 
Posted by Stephanie 
These colors are great! I brush on the powder for a natural look and I mix moisturizer and powder for a darker, bolder color. It last all day. No creasing or caking. I'm planning on ordering more colors! 

Surprisingly good eyeliner (Brown Eye Liner)
Posted by Medalia 
The brown looks like it was going to be too light. Not at all! It goes on dark! If you wear eye primer the liner seems to stay in place longer. I only wish the flat head brush had stiffer bristles.

Shimmery Golden Yellow (Cuddle Eye Shadow) 
Posted by Davis 
Very bright and vibrant. Works well as a highlight.

Perfect! (Devious Eye Shadow) 
Posted by Unknown 
This color is nice and not too dark. Its perfect for work and date night:)
Surprised! (Vibrant Eye Shadow) 
Posted by Davis 
Very pretty mix between light purple and deep rose. I was surprised to find that it has a subtle bright blue shimmer too!
Zany shadow (Zany Eye Shadow) 
Posted by Unknown 
Beautiful color! Just the right amount of sparkle for me. The green sheen to this neutral color really accentuates green eyes. Love it! 

LOVE this Color! (Zany Eye Shadow) 
Posted by Davis 
I originally bought this to go along with Devious but when I got it I found out that it has this beautiful green shimmer to it... It has become my favorite to wear by itself. The powder is a Copper-y color.
Surprising Nice Color On! (Sassy Eye Shadow) 
Posted by Diane 
I really like this color. I was hesitant when I bought it because I thought it looked so yellow but it doesn't look that yellow on at all. Great color for the eyelid area.
Beautiful color of eye shadow! (Edgy Eye Shadow) 
Posted by Michele 
I have found the perfect color of eye shadow to wear with anything since this color of eye shadow can be a cool or neutral color that can be mixed with cool pinks and mauve colors or with neutral browns and mocha colors. It goes on beautifully and stays on until you take it off. A little goes a long way too. 

Great color (Edgy Eye Shadow) 
 Posted by Kenna 
 One of my favorite colors that goes with anything 

One Free Eye Shadow with $15 purchase begins on Friday, September 23, 2022 and ends on Sunday, September 25, 2022. Add $15 of your favorite makeup and/or skincare to your cart. Add the free eye shadow or liner you prefer. Then at checkout, enter coupon code FREESHADOW and the price of the eye shadow/liner will be taken off your order. One Free Eye Shadow with $15 purchase in only applicable for purchases made on our website at

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