Application Tips for Your Mineral Foundation

15th May 2015

When you are searching for makeup, you want makeup that provides natural-looking coverage, as well as a fine finish. 

You also want makeup that is light and free from any harmful chemicals or ingredients that can harm your skin. At Sweet Face Minerals, our all-natural mineral makeup offers just that, full, lightweight coverage without the harmful ingredients. However, in order to get the best natural looking coverage, your mineral powder foundation must be applied correctly. We have a few helpful mineral foundation application tips.

Dry Skin

If you use a daily moisturizer, it is important to allow it to dry completely before applying your mineral foundation. If your skin is not dry, it will be extremely difficult to get the all over coverage you want. In fact, the moisture can actually cause your makeup to look uneven and streaky, which is what you want to try and avoid!

Less Is More

Mineral powders are designed to be applied in layers. These powders are extremely concentrated so it is always best to start out with a thin layer and see if it gives you the coverage you want. If not, go ahead and apply a second thin layer and then reevaluate. You can continue this process until you get the coverage you want, but stay away from applying a lot of powder at once.

Find the Right Shade

Generally, you should be using a mineral powder foundation that is a shade or two darker than your liquid foundation. This is because mineral powders tend to reflect light. If your foundation looks powdery after you have applied it, wait a few minutes and then check it again. The minerals blend with oils on your skin to look natural and this process can take a few minutes. If after a few minutes your foundation still looks powdery, you might want to consider going a shade darker. 

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