Harmful Chemicals Found in Makeup and Beauty Products

12th May 2015

In our most recent blog, we discussed why we do not add parabens to our makeup and skin care products. Parabenssweetface-seals-footer.png are just one of the potentially harmful chemicals that are in the majority of makeup and other beauty products. At Sweet Face Minerals, we are dedicated to providing women with all-natural mineral makeup and skin care products that are healthy for their skin. With so many different chemicals in our beauty products, we couldn’t possibly go through all of them. However, we wanted to review and educate our readers about some of the most harmful chemicals. We strongly urge you to avoid beauty products that include the following chemicals.


Like parabens, formaldehyde is used in many beauty products as a preservative to help prevent bacteria growth. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, formaldehyde is classified as known carcinogen. It has also been known to cause skin irritations, as well as allergic reactions. Formaldehyde can be found in nail polish, body wash, shampoo, as well as a number of other beauty products.

Synthetic Colors

Synthetic colors can be found in a number of different beauty products. They are often derived from petroleum sources and are suspected of being human carcinogens. Like many other chemicals found in popular beauty products, synthetic colors are known to cause skin irritations.


BHA stands for butylated hydroxyanisole and BHT is for butylated hydroxytoluene. Much like parabens or formaldehyde, these chemicals are used in makeup, as well as other beauty products, as preservatives. They are even used as food preservatives. Again, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified these chemicals as possible carcinogens and they can cause harmful skin reactions.

While we understand that many of these products cannot be definitively linked to causing cancer or other health complications, we believe that there is still some cause for concern. That is why we are committed to providing natural organic makeup for affordable prices. Be sure to keep up with our blogs to learn more about some of the harmful chemicals found in beauty products. You can find this information and more information at the David Suzuki Foundation.