About Us

At Sweet Face Minerals, we are absolutely passionate about empowering women and making them feel strong and beautiful. Our company is family owned and operated and you will always receive the most personal service from us. From our eye shadows to our blushes, we make ALL our very own makeup from SCRATCH, which means we grind our own minerals, jar them ourselves, label them and ship them out. 

When you enter our store, leave your worries behind because when you are looking through our mineral makeup it's all about you and your time and we want you to look and feel amazing! 

Our goals are to stand out from all other all natural makeup brands and to become the leading Mineral Makeup supplier on the web. We offer a personal touch and want to create a refreshing sexy new you by enhancing your natural beauty and improving your skin. We try and keep our prices lower than our competitors to keep you coming back for more. 

Sweet Face Minerals is pleased and proud to offer paraben-free cosmetic products that are also oil-free, preservative-free and an all-natural alternative to today's pricey cosmetics, which use harsh chemicals and damaging ingredients. Let us tell you a little about why we chose to create our beautiful mineral makeup line: 

Our minerals are safe and work for everyone and every skin type in any climate! 
The application is fast and effective. 
Mineral makeup naturally has an SPF to protect against sun damage which reduces the risk of wrinkles and skin cancer. 
Our natural makeup products assist in preventing dehydration while allowing skin to breathe and function normally. 
The light reflective properties add a radiant, natural finish that is unmatched by traditional makeup. 
Our foundation actually helps irritated skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory. It can even be applied to the skin after post cosmetic surgery. 
Sweet Face Minerals will stay on all day and continue to offer maximum coverage! 
Our line is water-resistant against swimming, raining or working out. Simply pat dry and most of the makeup will still be retained. 
Our makeup offers incredible coverage which is wonderful for anyone battling acne, discoloration, skin damage, redness, Rosacea, etc, because minerals adhere naturally to the skin. 
Sweet Face Minerals look and feel completely natural and are very lightweight on the skin, no matter how many layers are applied. 
The minerals we use are non-comedogenic which means they will not clog your pores or get into the pores and stretch them out. 
All of our minerals are inorganic and dry. Bacteria cannot grow in them. 
We only use the purest Micas, Titanium's, Oxides, Rose and Silk Powders. We never use fillers, dyes, or perfumes found in most commercial cosmetics. 
Sweet Face Minerals does not test on animals. 

Sweet Face Minerals:
•100% pure all natural organic minerals.
•We do not believe in using Chemicals!
•Achieve a flawless look every time you apply your makeup.
•Suitable for all skin types.
•Never contains Parabens, Bismuth, Nano Particles, Oxy Chloride, Talc or other irritants.
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With our product line, your skin will take on a beautiful, youthful glow that you will enjoy everyday and for years to come. You deserve to feel incredible, we make it affordable! 

We hope to become your permanent mineral makeup supplier,